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Investment Opportunities

Seiko Science has a solid foundation has been laid in the medical field and already form a mature mode of operation, and accumulated a wide range of network of resources, we can provide the most suitable Investment opportunities for domestic enterprises in the medical, biological, chemical, energy, and the new materials. Such as in China, the development of high-end medical equipment, medical equipment industry has been in the slow pattern, in global medical device market, the U.S. accounted for more than 40%, Europe about 30%, while last year China accounted for only 2% of it, there is a Huge. Blank in market space, but it is also opportunity, the technical elements of this field is very high, the protection of patents and applications are more fully; you can purchase foreign R&D enterprise and pharmaceutical or biotechnology enterprise or introduce the latest drugs or diagnosis Reagents to the domestic market from abroad through cooperating with Seiko Science.