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Description: Canada-China Bilateral Science and Technology Agreement is an international agreement that encourages research collaboration between the two nations. Striving for scientific and technological excellence, as well as mutual benefit, the program grants financial support for collaborative projects in fields of common interest. Funding is provided jointly through the International Technology Partnerships Canada Inc.(ISTPC), a non-governmental organization appointed by the Government of Canada, and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST).

Funding conditions:
To apply to this program, Canadian applicants must identify a Chinese partner who is also seeking support from the program, and vice versa.

Research areas: Agricultural, Food and biological products; Environmental Sciences; Energy; Health and Life Sciences; Biomedical Technology; Information and Communication Technology; nanotechnology.


International collaboration provides stronger basis for application for financial support, facilitating the funding of the project.
Cooperation enlarges the horizon of possibilities by expanding experimental resources and creative ideas.
Complementation and optimization of technologies and resources will accelerate the pace at which the project is realized.

What Can Seiko Science do for you:

Seiko Science helps you find Chinese Partners quickly and efficiently for bilateral projects that fall within the aforementioned research areas. As an international enterprise, Seiko Science possesses abundant cooperation resources not only in the medical field, but also connections with a number of industries and academic institutions pertaining to engineering, environmental sciences and information technology. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Seiko Science also has its largest branch in Mainland China. With the geographic advantage, wide network, close cooperation in both nations, as well as sound cultural understanding, Seiko Science finds suitable collaborators for you quickly and efficiently.

If you would like to learn more about Seiko Science Global International Medical Development Inc., the Canada-China Bilateral Science and Technology Agreement, or the two funding agencies, the following links may be useful for you:

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